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Corporate Presentation and Delivery

There are 3 components to any successful training event.
  1. Content
  2. Presentation
  3. Delivery

When was the last time you had an amazing meal at a restaurant, where you left and bragged to all of your friends about how mind blowing the experience was.  Think about that experience for a moment.  Now think about a time where the experience was “just okay”.  What made the difference in the experience?  Was is just the taste and quality of the meal?  Was it how it was presented (Hot, neatly arranged, and eye appealing)?  How was your server?

All three components of your meal directly impact and co-relate to how your entire experience was.  If one component is not quite what it could have/should have been then it brings down the score of your experience as a whole, and tends to affect your opinion of the other components.  Even if the food itself was tasty and prepared correctly, if it was just slop on a plate, or if your server was not attentive to your needs, you leave feeling, “it could have been better”.

For many businesses, having the good content that they want to train their staff in is not the problem.  Where they struggle is in presentation and delivery.  Not because they don’t care, but because whoever is the trainer (which may be a dedicated person, or a subject matter expert) doesn’t have the know how, experience or time to put into preparation of  a well planned presentation and delivery.


What We Do:
We offer 4 solutions to assist your businesses training and staff enrichment goals.
  1. Complete Content-Presentation-Delivery (CPD) development.
    • You give us the topic, and we develop the content, presentation and facilitate the delivery of the training event
  2. Presentation & Delivery
    • You give us the content you want taught.  We develop media rich presentations and provide the facilitation of delivery
    • We work with your subject matter experts to develop and deliver the training course
  3. Delivery
    • Have a course “in the can” and ready to go.  Have one of our facilitation experts delivery it an a dynamic and impacting way
  4. Presentation only
    • We take your content, create a presentation deck around it, and deliver it back for you to take to your training event to deliver.
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