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Couse Descriptions

First Aid Course Descriptions

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  • Meets or exceeds Occupational Health & Safety requirements
  • You’re place or ours? First Aid Training Courses can be arranged at your location or at our central training facility.
  • Professional but Casual Canadian Red Cross First Aid Instructors.
  • Unsure what First Aid Course or CPR course you need?  Contact Us to find out more.


Community & Workplace First Aid and CPR Courses:

Standard First Aid & CPR with AED                                                              Emergency First Aid & CPR with AED


CPR with AED                                                               Child Care First Aid & CPR with AED


Get Recertified


Professional Responder Courses:




First Aid & CPR for Kids:

People Savers (First Aid for Kids)


Specialty Workshops & Lunch-n-Learns

Introduction to First Aid & CPR                                                               AED Familiarization & Instruction


First Aid Workshops                                                               Prevention of Disease Transmission in the Workplace

WhatCourseINeedClick here for a description

Currently we offer 10 different combinations of First Aid and CPR courses; and you only need 1.  If you are unsure as to what level of first aid you require you can follow this guideline; however you will want to validate our recommendation with your workplace first aid requirements as set out by Alberta Occupational Health and Safety, or with your professional organization. The following information is for a general information purpose only, and does not indicate the exact type or level of training you need or require.


Full Course vs Recertification

A recertification is a shortened overview course designed to update, cover missing points and strengthen skill and retest currently certified individuals.  If you hold a First Aid/CPR certification from a recognized Organization (Canadian Red Cross, St. John’s Ambulance, Heart & Stroke, Canadian Ski Patrol, National Lifesaving Society) that is within the certification period you make take a recertification course.

  • If your certification has expired by even 1 day, then your certification is no longer valid and you will need to take the Full Course again
  • If you are wanting certification for a different type of First Aid or a different level of CPR, then you are currently certified for you must take the full course of the certification you are wanting
  • If you are changing Provider Organizations (eg. St. John’s to Red Cross) and your certification is still valid, you may take a first aid recertification course
  • You cannot just write the test… even if you take it every year
  • It is recommended to recertify every year, as skills unused are skills forgotten, however, you only need to do it once during your current certification period
  • Recertification extends your certification period to three years past the recertification course date.

CPR vs Emergency First Aid vs Standard First Aid

Knowing what course you need to take may not be easy.

If you need certification for work and to keep compliance with Provincial and Federal Occupational Health & Safety legislation you can reference this guide, check with your Health and Safety Manager or contact Worksafe Alberta

If you require certification for a professional membership or college, you should contact your league representative to ensure you are correctly certified.  Some that I have come across

  • Dental Assistant – CPR-C only required every 3 years, however Continuing Ed Credits are applicable each year you take it
  • Dental Hygienist – CPR-HCP required to be recertified yearly
  • Medical Assistants – CPR-HCP
  • Massage Therapists – Standard First Aid w/ CPR Level C
  • Acupuncturists – Standard First Aid w/ CPR Level C
  • Physiotherapists – Standard First Aid w/ CPR Level C
  • Nursing Students – Standard First Aid w/ CPR Level HCP

If you are wanting to enhance your resume by having safety certifications, Standard First Aid w/ CPR Level C is your best bet.  It is an industry recognized certification and shows initiative to get the right training.

Standard Child Care First Aid

This course is the mandatory First Aid certification for Workers, Owners and Volunteers in Infant and Child youth care facilities.

CPR Levels

CPR Level A, B, C,.. which one is right for me?

Please check our “What’s the Difference?” section below to get further information on what the different levels of CPR mean.

If you are even unsure of what level you need, you can always contact us or take CPR Level C, it is the most widely required.

What's the difference between different types of First Aid and Levels of CPRClick here for a description



Here’s a quick synopsis.  Click on each name below to be taken to the official page with course syllabus.

CPR (Level A, C)
  • 4-6 Hours
  • Only Covers Life Threatening Respiratory/Circulatory Emergencies
  • Level of CPR determines age range of skills (Adult, Child, Baby)
EFA (Emergency First Aid)
  • 6-8 Hours
  • Covers CPR Content plus some respiratory emergencies (Allergies, Asthma, Anaphylaxis) and wound care (Cuts, Scrapes, Impalement’s, Amputations, Burns etc.)
SFA (Standard First Aid)
  • 16 Hours (usually 2 – 8 Hour Days)
  • Covers EFA Content plus many more major and minor injuries and medical emergencies including Head and Spine, Bone, Muscle and Joint, Environmental and Sudden Medical Emergencies, Poisons.
SCCFA (Standard Child Care First Aid)
  • 16 Hours
  • Covers similar content of the Standard First Aid course however, omits and adds some emergencies that are either less predominant or more predominant in Children and Babies.  CPR is Level B (Babies and Children only)

CPR Levels:

CPR Level A

Teaches CPR and AED skills for Adults.
This level is a stand alone course or included as 1 of 3 options with Emergency First Aid and Standard First Aid training.

CPR Level B

Teaches CPR and AED skills for Children and Babies
This level of CPR is included only with the Standard Child Care First Aid and CPR/AED Course

CPR Level C *Most Recommended

Teaches CPR and AED skills for Adults, Children and Babies, and includes 2 man CPR skills
This level is a stand alone course or included as 1 of 3 options with Emergency First Aid and Standard First Aid training.

Who Should Take First Aid?Click here for a description

We think everyone should…

While Alberta and Federal Occupational Health and Safety have requirements for the minimum amount and level of first aid trained individuals that must be present at the jobsite or primary place place of business, there are many other reasons why a person may need or want to take a first aid course.

Many professional memberships and colleges require those holding certifications and designations to obtain and uphold valid first aid and CPR certification.  These memberships and colleges are primarily in the health care field and comprise Dental Assistants, Dental Hygienists, Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, Acupuncturists, Nutritionists and others.

People have chosen to take first aid training across the world to learn the skills necessary to save a life, whether for a close family member or friend in a higher risk condition, to have the skills to serve on the basis of humanitarian need, or to enhance their resume when looking to secure employment.  Having your certification in First Aid and CPR is always recognized as a imperative skill to have.

WhereTaughtClick here for a description

Your Place or Ours…

You can either join us at the Winston Heights Community Association in Calgary AB, for one of our public first aid courses, request a private first aid course for your group/corporation at the community hall, or we can come to your place – office, workshop, or house and bring our training gear with us.

Impact Training & Consulting offers First Aid Training and CPR Courses in Calgary, Airdrie, Okotoks, Chestermere, Cochrane and through out Southern Alberta.

Be sure to check out our First Aid Resource Center, chalked full of First Aid Videos, First Aid Documents, First Aid Mobile Apps and even some First Aid Humour


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†. Certification is based upon standardized course content set out by the Canadian Red Cross.

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