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First Aid & CPR Recertifications


What is a Recertification?

Recertifications are shorter, and less expensive than full courses.

How much does a Recertification cost?

The cost is based upon the certification you require.  Group and Corporate pricing options are available.

How long is a Recertification course?

Lengths of the courses vary. A good estimate is about half the normal course length.

What content does a Recertification cover?

The content is the same content received in the full course only condensed and designed to test and refresh the participants knowledge.

Who can take a Recertification course?

Recertifications are designed for:

  • Those who hold a current valid First Aid/CPR Certification through any recognized provider (Red Cross, St. John Ambulance, Heart & Stroke, Life Saving Society)
  • Those who want to keep current and competent in their First Aid and CPR skills
  • Those that are required to complete certification regularly for Occupational Health and Safety or other Professional Memberships
  • Those that are required to earn points (credits) for Continuing Educational Requirements in their Professional Society

Recertification Course Details:

  • CPR & AED
    • Length: 4 Hours
    • Cost: $50.00/Participant
  • Emergency First Aid & CPR
    • Length: 6 Hours
    • Cost: $80.00/Participant
  • Standard First Aid & CPR
    • Length: 7-8 Hours
    • Cost: $100.00/Participant
  • Child Care First Aid & CPR (Level B)
    • Length: 9 Hours
    • Cost: $120.00/Participant

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**Course length and cost are standardization’s only.  Discounts apply to larger groups. 

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