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Terms & Conditions, Payments , Cancellation/Refund Policy and Privacy Policy

Life happens, and we know that. We want you to train with us and will do what we can to get a time that works with your schedule, and accommodate different levels of ability as we can. Sometimes things come up, even last minute and we are willing to work with you.


What you should know:

First Aid and CPR training is participant interactive. Some aspects of this course require you to be laying on the floor, rolling others into recovery position and bandaging mock injuries for practice. As well, the physical demand for performing CPR can be high. When preparing to come to training, please make sure you eat something that will keep you going, wear clothing you don’t mind laying on the floor in and feel comfortable in working with another individual.

If you have specific physical limitations, please contact us to discuss so that we can make appropriate accommodation arrangements as necessary and available. There is a physical component to completion and strength in skills that must be demonstrated to complete the course and receive certification as governed by the Canadian Red Cross.

Please arrive to class 10-15 minutes early to allow for registration and check in.



Once registered for your training course payment arrangements can be made. Payment forms accepted are cash, cheque or credit (through PayPal). If paying by cheque, please submit payment 6 business days prior to beginning your course. If payment is received within 6 days of commencement of the course, certification will be held until payment has cleared. There will be a 30.00 additional fee in the event of a cheque returned NSF.


Course Cancellations and Refunds:

If for any reason you must cancel your registration, please phone or email us. If you cancel more than five days from the course we will offer a complete refund or credit towards another training date. If you cancel within 2-5 days of the course, we will offer training credit towards another date. If you cancel the day before, day of or just don’t show up then refunds or credits may be forfeited.

Once the training course has started you are required to be present for 100% of the content. Arriving late, leaving early or taking extended breaks or dealing with work situations not only hinders your learning but also disrupts others from taking full advantage of the training. Please arrange your schedule to minimize distractions from being present at all times. It is at the instructors discretion if the will allow you to remain in the course, or ask you to leave.

In the event of a life emergency, Impact will work with you, if possible, to complete your training on another date, other issues of truancy may elicit a forfeit of course fees paid.


Privacy of Personal Information:

Personal information collected by Impact Training & Consulting from our website, before, during or after the training course will be held in strictest confidence.

We will only use your information to submit to the Canadian Red Cross for purposes of insurance and certification registration, and for communication purposes between Impact Training & Consulting and yourself.

We will not disclose, disseminate or sell your personal information to anyone else. We will keep your information for 7 years as it pertains to requirements for taxation by the Canadian Revenue Agency.


This is accordance with FOIP and PIPEDA.


If you have any questions about our terms, conditions or policies, please contact us by email or phone at 403-226-5994

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