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Keep Safe This Holiday Season

As we dawn into this festive Christmas season, I just love to see people enjoying the holidays and all the fun that goes along with it; the hustle and bustle through out the malls, Christmas light displays, beautifully decorated trees, and festive gatherings of family, friends and coworkers.

This reminds of all the potential for accidents and emergencies that many time leave families in devastation instead of celebration.  Here are some important safety tips to remember this Holiday Season.

1. The National Fire Protection Association reported that December is the biggest month for house fires.  Caused primarily by candles and mobile heat sources, be sure to remember these fire safety facts:

  • Never leave candles burning unattended or in proximity to decorations, drapery, bedding or anywhere children could reach them.
  • Unplug mobile heat sources when not in use
  • Ensure your Wood burning fireplaces are maintained and flu’s are cleaned regularily
  • Ensure if using a real Christmas tree that you check its water level daily to prevent excess drying and potential fire hazard
  • Keep a fire extinguisher in an easy to reach location

2. Slips, falls and Bone-Muscle-Joint Injuries

  • Help prevent slips, falls (and potential lawsuits) by keeping your walkways clear of ice and snow
  • When shoveling your walk ways ensure you are in good physical condition before engaging in this rigorous activity
  • Lift with your legs, and not your back.  Nothing takes the fun out of Christmas like a hernia or back strain
  • Warm up your muscles, tendons and ligaments with some light lifting before trying to lift that huge shovel full of snow

3. Winter Driving

  • When celebrating this season, make sure that if you have any alcohol or other substances that can impair judgment that you call a cab or designate a driver that will make sure everyone makes it home alive.
  • Slow down and take your time.   By allowing yourself an extra 5-10 minutes, you can take your time and ensure you and your vehicle make it to your destination scratch and dint free.
  • Purchase a winter safety kit for your car.  These can be found at any AMA or Canadian Tire location, and come with many tools to get you out of a potential negative situation, or keep you warm while you wait for help

4. Brush up on your First Aid and CPR Skills.

  • Review the chapter on Bone, Muscle and Joint Injuries and on Burns in your Canadian Red Cross First Aid Manual
  • Attend a First Aid Course to get Certified or Recertified.  Impact Training & Consulting has many training options.  check out our website to find a course or to book a course for your group or workplace.

Merry Christmas Everyone, and may you be prosperous and successful in 2013.

The staff at Impact Training & Consulting

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